class Switch – switch object

A Switch object is used to control a push-button switch.


sw = pyb.Switch()       # create a switch object
sw.value()              # get state (True if pressed, False otherwise)
sw()                    # shorthand notation to get the switch state
sw.callback(f)          # register a callback to be called when the
                        #   switch is pressed down
sw.callback(None)       # remove the callback


pyb.Switch().callback(lambda: pyb.LED(1).toggle())


class pyb. Switch

Create and return a switch object.


Switch. __call__ ( )

Call switch object directly to get its state: True if pressed down, False 否则。

Switch. value ( )

Get the switch state. Returns True if pressed down, otherwise False .

Switch. callback ( fun )

Register the given function to be called when the switch is pressed down. If fun is None , then it disables the callback.