zephyr — functionality specific to the Zephyr port

zephyr module contains functions and classes specific to the Zephyr port.


zephyr. is_preempt_thread ( )

Returns true if the current thread is a preemptible thread.

Zephyr preemptible threads are those with non-negative priority values (low priority levels), which therefore, can be supplanted as soon as a higher or equal priority thread becomes ready.

zephyr. current_tid ( )

Returns the thread id of the current thread, which is used to reference the thread.

zephyr. thread_analyze ( )

Runs the Zephyr debug thread analyzer on the current thread and prints stack size statistics in the format:

thread_name -20s: STACK: unused available_stack_space usage stack_space_used / stack_size ( percent_stack_space_used %); CPU: cpu_utilization %”

  • CPU utilization is only printed if runtime statistics are configured via the ``CONFIG_THREAD_RUNTIME_STATS`` kconfig

This function can only be accessed if CONFIG_THREAD_ANALYZER is configured for the port in zephyr/prj.conf . For more infomation, see documentation for Zephyr thread analyzer .

zephyr. shell_exec ( cmd_in )

Executes the given command on an UART backend. This function can only be accessed if CONFIG_SHELL_BACKEND_SERIAL is configured for the port in zephyr/prj.conf .

A list of possible commands can be found in the documentation for Zephyr shell commands .