zsensor — Zephyr sensor bindings

zsensor module contains a class for using sensors with Zephyr.

class Sensor — sensor control for the Zephyr port

Use this class to access data from sensors on your board. See Zephyr documentation for sensor usage here: Sensors .

Sensors are defined in the Zephyr devicetree for each board. The quantities that a given sensor can measure are called a sensor channels. Sensors can have multiple channels to represent different axes of one property or different properties a sensor can measure. See Channels below for defined sensor channels.


class zsensor. 传感器 ( device_name )

Device names are defined in the devicetree for your board. For example, the device name for the accelerometer in the FRDM-k64f board is “FXOS8700”.


Sensor. measure ( )

Obtains a measurement sample from the sensor device using Zephyr sensor_sample_fetch and stores it in an internal driver buffer as a useful value, a pair of (integer part of value, fractional part of value in 1-millionths). Returns none if successful or OSError value if failure.

Sensor. get_float ( sensor_channel )

Returns the value of the sensor measurement sample as a float.

Sensor. get_micros ( sensor_channel )

Returns the value of the sensor measurement sample in millionths. (Ex. value of (1, 500000) returns as 1500000 )

Sensor. get_millis ( sensor_channel )

Returns the value of sensor measurement sample in thousandths. (Ex. value of (1, 500000) returns as 1500 )

Sensor. get_int ( sensor_channel )

Returns only the integer value of the measurement sample. (Ex. value of (1, 500000) returns as 1 )


zsensor. ACCEL_X

Acceleration on the X axis, in m/s^2.

zsensor. ACCEL_Y

Acceleration on the Y axis, in m/s^2.

zsensor. ACCEL_Z

Acceleration on the Z axis, in m/s^2.

zsensor. GYRO_X

Angular velocity around the X axis, in radians/s.

zsensor. GYRO_Y

Angular velocity around the Y axis, in radians/s.

zsensor. GYRO_Z

Angular velocity around the Z axis, in radians/s.

zsensor. MAGN_X

Magnetic field on the X axis, in Gauss.

zsensor. MAGN_Y

Magnetic field on the Y axis, in Gauss.

zsensor. MAGN_Z

Magnetic field on the Z axis, in Gauss.

zsensor. DIE_TEMP

Device die temperature in degrees Celsius.

zsensor. PRESS

Pressure in kilopascal.

zsensor. PROX

Proximity. Dimensionless. A value of 1 indicates that an object is close.

zsensor. HUMIDITY

Humidity, in percent.

zsensor. LIGHT

Illuminance in visible spectrum, in lux.

zsensor. ALTITUDE

Altitude, in meters.