Qt Quick Ultralite 平台移植指南

Qt for MCUs supports some of the popular microcontroller platforms out-of-the-box. Although this is sufficient in a lot of cases, there is a growing demand to support other hardware platforms.

For this reason, Qt Quick Ultralite offers a set of platform abstraction APIs. These APIs enable third parties to easily port Qt Quick Ultralite to their hardware platforms, and help them achieve faster time-to-market.

This porting guide provides step by step instruction guiding you through the process of porting Qt Quick Ultralite to a new hardware platform.

平台 API 参考:


Provides a simple memory allocator for functions that might temporarily require some extra memory for caching


Provides abstraction for the memory allocation


Provides abstraction functionality for the platform


A dispatcher for single point touch events


Workaround for 2D accelerators that don't have a way to blend a color directly


Provides an abstract drawing device


Provides an abstraction for blitting accelerators


Provides a class for matrix manipulations


Provides an abstraction for managing hardware layers


Provides basic interfaces from the Qt Quick Ultralite core library to be used by the platform implementation


Provides integer and floating point precision points


Provides integer and floating point precision rectangles


提供用于 RGBA 颜色的类


Provides abstraction class for screens


Provides integer and floating point precision sizes


Provides a class to store texture information


Provides API for transformations