AbstractBarSeries QML Type

A base type for all bar series types. 更多...

导入语句: import QtCharts .
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite 1.1






In bar charts, bars are defined as bar sets that contain one data value for each category. The position of a bar is specified by the category and its height by the data value. With multiple bar sets, the bars that belong to the same category are grouped together. The way the bars are displayed is determined by the type chosen to create the bar chart: Currently only BarSeries 可用。

The AbstractBarSeries type is based on QtCharts.AbstractBarSeries . The following members are not supported yet:

  • axisXTop, axisYRight
  • count
  • labelsVisible, labelsFormat, labelsPosition
  • labelsAngle, labelsPrecision
  • all signals and methods


The x-axis used for the series. If you leave axisX undefined, a BarCategoryAxis is created for the series.

另请参阅 axisY .

The y-axis used for the series. If you leave axisY undefined, a ValueAxis is created for the series.

另请参阅 axisX .

barWidth : real

The unit of width is the unit of the x-axis. The minimum width for bars is zero, and negative values are treated as zero. Setting the width to zero means that the width of the bar on the screen is one pixel regardless of the scale of the x-axis. Bars wider than zero are scaled using the x-axis scale.

注意: When used with the BarSeries type, this value specifies the width of a group of bars instead of a single bar.

注意: 当使用 BarCategoryAxis the full width of a category is 1.0 and barWidth is 0.5 在默认情况下。