ChartView QML Type

Manages the graphical representation of the chart's series, legends, and axes. 更多...

导入语句: import QtCharts .
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite 1.1



The ChartView type displays different series types as charts.

The ChartView type is based on QtCharts.ChartView . The following members are not supported yet:

  • theme
  • animationOptions, animationDuration, animationEasingCurve
  • legend
  • count
  • backgroundRoundness
  • axes
  • dropShadowEnabled
  • plotArea, plotAreaColor
  • localizeNumbers
  • locale
  • all methods and signals

Other differences:

  • title property does not support HTML formatting.
  • margins property specifies the actual margins used, not just a minimum.


backgroundColor : color

The color of the chart's background.

margins : Margins

The margins between the edge of the chart rectangle and the plot area. The margins are used for drawing the title, axes, and legend.

title : string

The title is shown as a headline on top of the chart.

另请参阅 titleColor and titleFont .

titleColor : color

The color of the title text.

titleFont : font

The title font of the chart.