AnchorChanges QML 类型

指定如何按状态改变项锚点。 更多...

导入语句: import QtQuick .
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite 1.0



The AnchorChanges type is used to modify the anchors of an item in a State .

AnchorChanges cannot be used to modify the margins on an item. For this, use PropertyChanges intead.

In the following example we change the top and bottom anchors of an item using AnchorChanges, and the top and bottom anchor margins using PropertyChanges :

import QtQuick 2.15
Rectangle {
    id: window
    width: 120; height: 120
    color: "black"
    Rectangle { id: anchorRectStart; x: 60; y: 60; height: 60; width: 60; color: "yellow"}
    Rectangle { id: anchorRectEnd; x: 0; y: 0; height: 60; width: 60; color: "blue"}
    Rectangle { id: myRect; color: "red"
        anchors {
            bottom: anchorRectStart.bottom
            left: anchorRectStart.left
            right: anchorRectStart.right
            topMargin: 10
            bottomMargin: 10
            leftMargin: 10
            rightMargin: 10
    states: State {
        name: "reanchored"
        AnchorChanges {
            target: myRect
            anchors {
                bottom: anchorRectEnd.bottom
                left: anchorRectEnd.left
                right: anchorRectEnd.right
                topMargin: 20
                bottomMargin: 20
                leftMargin: 20
                rightMargin: 20
    MouseArea { anchors.fill: parent; onClicked: window.state = "reanchored" }

Changes to anchor margins can be animated using NumberAnimation .

有关锚点的更多信息,见 锚点布局 .


anchors group

anchors.baseline : AnchorLine

anchors.bottom : AnchorLine

anchors.horizontalCenter : AnchorLine

anchors.left : AnchorLine

anchors.right : AnchorLine : AnchorLine

anchors.verticalCenter : AnchorLine

These properties change the respective anchors of the item.

anchors group

anchors.bottomMargin : real

anchors.leftMargin : real

anchors.rightMargin : real

anchors.topMargin : real

These properties modify the distance from particular AnchorLines .

Important: Margin and offset properties are Qt Quick Ultralite specific. In Qt Quick anchors' margin manipulation is done with PropertyChanges .

target : Item

此特性保持 Item for which the anchor changes will be applied.