Qt Charts Compatibility


Qt Charts for MCUs aims to be compatible with Qt Charts.

Currently many features of Qt Charts are not implemented yet. If a QML type is not documented, it means that the type does not exist yet. Other API differences are listed in the documentation of individual QML types.

Larger differences that affect all of Qt Charts for MCUs are listed here.

注意: Current version of Qt Charts for MCUs does not support using 16-bit color depth.



By default, Qt Charts for MCUs uses the default font settings for all text elements in a chart.

More appropriate font choices can be made explicitly by users:

ChartView {
    titleFont {
        family: "Roboto"
        pixelSize: 16

Properties of list type

Qt Charts sometimes uses bindings to lists of values, for example:

BarSet { values: [1, 4, 7, 9] }

This syntax is not supported yet in Qul, so you must use the following approach:

BarSet {
    BarSetValue { value: 1 }
    BarSetValue { value: 4 }
    BarSetValue { value: 7 }
    BarSetValue { value: 9 }

This workaround is used in BarSet and BarCategoryAxis .