Qt Quick Ultralite Extras QML Types

The Qt Quick Ultralite Extras module provides types useful for extra optimizations of Qt Quick Ultralite applications.

To use the Qt Quick Ultralite Extras QML types, link your application to the Qul::QuickUltralite CMake target:

target_link_libraries(app Qul::QuickUltralite Qul::QuickUltralitePlatform)

And add the following import statement to your .qml 文件:

import QtQuickUltralite.Extras 1.7


  • The module's version number matches Qt Quick Ultralite's version number.
  • Qt Quick Ultralite provides a Qt Quick implementation of the Qt Quick Ultralite Extras QML module.



Displays an colorized image


More efficient version of Text QML type