Name of the platform to build for.


This required variable selects the platform to build for.

The list of available platforms depends on the installed Qt Quick Ultralite package. The platform name always contains the operating system in its name or "baremetal" in case of no operating system. The supported values for each board are listed in the board-specific instruction pages (see 支持的目标板和开发主机 ).

注意: You must set the CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE variable to a compatible toolchain.

使用 QUL_COLOR_DEPTH variable to choose the Qt Quick Ultralite library for the desired color depth.


cmake .. -DQUL_PLATFORM=MIMXRT1050-EVK-baremetal -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=$Qul_DIR/lib/cmake/Qul/toolchain/armgcc.cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=MinSizeRel


This variable was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite 1.0.

另请参阅 CMake 快速入门 .