Bootloader Flashing Instructions for ST boards

The bootloader image must be flashed onto the device in two cases:

  • Before first use of the board
  • After every Internal Flash erase operation

There are two ways to flash the bootloader image:

  • with STM32CubeProgrammer
  • from command line, using dedicated cmake target

    Refer to the board-specific instruction for details.

    注意: This option is available only with the Qt Quick Ultralite source code.

Flashing with STM32CubeProgrammer

Before flashing the bootloader image onto the ST board, you must install the STM32CubeProgrammer software. After the software is installed, connect the board to the host PC using a USB cable.

打开 STM32CubeProgrammer and follow these steps:

  1. 选择 Connect to estabilish connection with the onboard ST-LINK Programmer.
  2. 选择 刷新 tab.

  3. 选择 浏览 to choose the bootloader file for your board. For example, stm32f7508_discovery_bootloader.hex .

  4. 选择 打开 after choosing the file.

  5. Optionally, select Verify programming .
  6. Optionally, select Run after programming .
  7. 选择 Start Programming to flash the bootloader.


  • If there are issues when connecting to the board, try to change mode from Normal to Under reset .